On-site Registration, Lead Retrieval and Continuing Education
Certificate Services for associations and conferences.

We need a web based on-line registration system. Do you provide that?  Yes. We are pleased to announce MarcoNLine, an affordable, On-line Registration solution for associations with modest budgets. Paper-based, mail-in registration is costly and time consuming. Electronic registration is quick, convenient for attendees and reduces the effort needed to register attendees. Click here to download and print a brochure.

Controlling and reducing costs are the key for us. How can you help?  Our on-demand badge printing capability can help by reducing pre-printing and postage costs associated with badge production. No more labor and expense is wasted on printing costly badges and tickets that aren’t used. 

Can you print all my tickets and receipts as well as badges?  We can print all tickets, receipts, and badges and provide session controls on those ticketed events requiring that type of management control.

I do all my own registration in house. Can I still use your lead retrieval services?  Yes. We can work with any registration system to deliver all our services.

Do I have to offer all of your lead retrieval options to my exhibitors?  No. You may offer any number of our lead retrieval options. Since there is no additional cost to you, most of our customers choose to offer all options and thereby provide better service to their exhibitors.

We would like to survey our members on a regular basis. Can you help?   Yes. Marco can provide an on-line evaluation that captures valuable survey data and can link this to the registration and/or certificate generation process in order to ensure that the surveys are completed.

We offer continuing education to our members but collecting the data and generating the certificates is very labor intensive. Can you help us? Yes. Our barcode scanners can scan attendee's badges at seminars and collect the data used to prove attendance at seminars. Certificates can be generated and made available on a secure website for members to download and print avoiding postage and printing costs.

Do you have a strategy for using mobile devices at tradeshows? Yes. For 2016, cloud-based, lead retrieval is the fastest and easiest way to capture attendee data using iPads, Androids, iPhones,and other Smartphones coupled with the award winning iLeads lead retrieval technology. Click here to download and print a brochure.

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